Hello, I'm Johan!

Here I am looking skeptical in what was a forest until it became a national park and burned down1.

I'm a multitasker of sorts, trying to project manage my way through life with varying levels of success. Most of the projects that need managing are either in the realm of computers or the scout movement - sometimes both.

Contact me

If you need to get in touch, use any of the social media linked below or send me an . Technically you can also call me, but I'm not known to be the fastest to pick up the phone. Texting me or writing on Signal works for urgent matters though.

Who am I?

I work at Tink with software development, customer support processes, and every now and then with some kind of business analysis.

German road construction sign One day this site may be filled with content®. Until then, you can find some of it on twitter or on micro.blog. You can also read my CV, although if you're looking to employ me you may also find the Linkedin version relevant.